Wednesday, July 02, 2014

To the football player...

When rest of the world is still sleeping & having sweet dreams, you will be already warming up in the ground.

When your friends are busy planning out some fun things to do, you will be busy kicking the ball in between the posts.

Your life is between the two goal posts.

Corners, free-kicks, penalty & injuries are not just words for you. These are living-breathing friends that run with you always.Some of them excite you & some of them you don't want to meet again.

Its just not a ball for you..
Its your canvas to create something magical..

It takes 11 souls like you to stir a nation.

Because of you, finally 32 valiant countries stand apart. Reaching this stage is an accomplishment by itself.

You have brought your country to the greatest sporting event. Sometimes a simple joy is when rest of the world comes to know that there is a country by that name on the globe.

You not only represent yourself but the millions of people from your country. You are the symbol of their aspirations, struggles & opportunities.

Each time you send the ball soaring through the posts, you just assure everything is going to be all right.

Each time you make some magical moves on the field, you inject small dose of belief to the otherwise cynical world.

As it progresses, you see some of the teams start packing up to go back home. It comes to do or die..

It is a test of skills, nerves & more than anything, its a test of beliefs..

And then there will be 'the' team..reaching the pinnacle of the game.
You may be part of it...

Or you may have agonizingly came close to it.
You had battled temptations, hardships & those dreaded injuries..
But this was so near yet so far..that sure will haunt for a while.

But you won't be judged for that.

You will be remembered for all those enthralling minutes you gave yourself on the ground, for all those passes you made, for all those shots, for all those saves you made..

You will be remembered as epitome of skills & powers who gave everything..

Thanks for giving something to cheer about.

This beautiful game is beautiful because of you !

- A Football Fan Forever

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