Saturday, October 08, 2011

RIP: Dear Leader

Dear Leader,

It was a crowded local transport bus and somehow I managed to get a seat in the bus to sit. I pulled out my iPod and was about to put in the ear buds. I felt somebody tapping on my shoulder and it was a small kid looking at the iPod. Small kid was shabbily dressed and came to later know that he didn’t ever go to school. He exclaimed ‘iPod!’ and asked how much it costs. After I told him the cost, the little boy said he would one day earn enough money to buy that iPod. After sometime, he got off the bus in next stop...

That image of the little boy whose eyes lit up when he saw the iPod never will fade.

There were millions of people who felt that child like sense of wonder because of Macs, iPods, iPhones & iPads. Every time they saw an iPod/iPhone/iPad, didn’t the grown up boys n gals felt like a little kid in a candy shop…

All of us owed this feel to you.

For us, black turtleneck and blue jeans never felt so fashionable…

Every time there was a keynotes from you, we would never miss it for anything.
You were a magician every time you went on stage. You pulled rabbits out of the hat and each rabbit added that little pleasure and little desire.

That eternal phrase ‘One more thing’ literally became the button, which would open to a new world.

People were so obsessed with you that even a fake Steve blog developed a heavy fan following.

It is hard to digest the fact that you are gone and this time, its forever…

We knew about the battle that you were fighting against your own body.

Every human is mortal. But secretly we hoped there would be an exception in your case.

We will be missing that Charismatic persona, those insanely great keynotes, rumors about the mercurial genius, the vision to foresee the future and the desire to create a new path.

Also a thought that what else you would have transformed after revolutionizing personal computers, music, phone, publishing.

You will be remembered through the iPods, iPhones, iPads, Macs, Toy Stories, road map that you would have set for future revolutions.

I had a wish that I would get a glimpse of you in person. I wish I had an opportunity to shake hands. I would have thanked you for changing the world and for your contribution to making the world beautiful. Its sad that even after traversing the IL for the last few years, I was not fortunate enough.

I’m sure there is another universe where you have plans to create dent..

Good bye and you will remain my favorite silicon valley pirate.


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