Monday, August 10, 2015

Its not about 500 boxes of Pears !

Its Saturday morning 9:00 AM...

Several thousand pounds of pears is waiting to be sorted & packed..

We are wearing the gloves & getting instructions on how to sort the pears.

We pick up the good pears and pack them into boxes. Each box can't be more than 30 lbs.
Bad & rotten pears gets into a big basket. This basket also won’t go wasted & will go to farmer's pigs.

We pick up the speed as the time flies and start packing the boxes at great frequency. 


These are just not pears for some..

These are literally the life savers for many of the families in the local community who can't afford to buy food.

Pears & other food items gets donated to this awesome place.

This place is Second Harvest Food Bank.

These items needs to be sorted, packed & distributed in time so that they reach the needy people.

It needs lots of person hours to do these tasks. 

Lack of volunteer hours in time could lead these food produces to get rotten & wasted..


At end of 3 hours, its time to wrap up our tasks for the day.

We have packed 500 boxes of pears ! 

We hear from food bank experts that the food we packed is going to reach at least 2000 hungry families in the local community.

Its an overwhelming feeling that we are touching so many lives through our small volunteering effort .

As I walk out from Second Harvest Food Bank, I feel blessed for the 2 square meals that I can afford , I feel thankful for the necessities I can provide to me & my family...

More than anything it re-enforces my belief in the power of giving back..

As I read somewhere "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”.

Please visit to know more about Second Harvest Food Bank.