Saturday, December 19, 2015

How to train a Star War-rior !

My 5 year old saw me getting excited about the 'Star Wars - The Force Awakens'. She also happen to play the saber fight game & instantly liked the Storm troopers. Then yesterday like any good kid she asked me to tell the story of Star Wars.

I was glad to pass on the 'force' to next generation and I condensed the first Star War movie into a story.  Hope she was able to comprehend it !

Here it is....


In a galaxy far far away...

There was a real evil & powerful guy named Darth Vader. He used to wear a mask and a cape. He was able to control people & objects looking at them. Also he had the light Saber !

He worked for an evil king called Emperor. They wanted to capture all the planets and galaxies.

He had an awesome army of soldiers called Storm troopers.They had a gigantic space ship 'Death Star' which was very powerful and was able to destroy entire planets.

On other side of galaxy, there was Luke Skywalker and Ben who were basically good guys. Ben liked Luke & he gave the 'Light Saber' which is simply super.

Then there was Princess Leia who had a card that has details on how to destroy Death Star. Darth came to know about this and captured Leia. Leia recorded a video message to Ben for help and puts the card inside a robot 'R2-D2' and sends him out of her spacecraft along with another droid C3P0.

R2-D2 landed up on the planet where Luke was living. R2-D2 & C3P0 became buddies with Luke.
Luke takes R2-D2 to Ben who gets Leia's message for rescue.

Ben was an old warrior and he wanted Luke's help to reach Leia's planet. They needed a spacecraft & they meet Hans who had this spacecraft. Hans can also fly the spacecraft real fast. Hans a friend whose name is Chewbacca.Chewbacca was a good pilot & furry tall animal.

Hans agreed to fly Luke, Ben to Leia's planet. Meanwhile Darth used death star and destroyed the whole planet. By the time, Hans came to the location of planet, there was no such planet. Then they see Death Star ..

Death star pulled Han's spacecraft towards it. Hans, Ben, R2-D2 and C3P0 sneaked inside Death Star. Luke rescued Princess Lia.Ben fought with Darth. But Darth is too strong and Ben was gone. With help of R2-D2 and C3P0, Luke, Hans & Princess Lia escape from Death Star


By this time, my little Star War enthusiastic was very sleepy and wanted to continue the story next day..

Before slipping into sleep, she had these very important questions

1. Can Darth use the 'Death Star' against our Mother Earth and destroy it ?
2. Is it ok to like Storm Troppers even if they are on bad guys side. They look very adorable
3. Where can we get a light saber like the one Luke had ?