Monday, May 23, 2005

Time,TV & that HBO program....

Poor fella...I almost scared him !!!

That was one evening... I saw a man who was almost running & was looking to be in great hurry.He happened to stop at me and asked me the time.I told 7:05pm.The man almost fainted & was just about to do a sprint from there.Then I realised that I have told the Indian Time!

I hadn't not adjusted my clock to local time here & didn't feel like changing. Looking at watch,I can always think what people there in India will be doing at that time ..I can visualise that all my friends are now coming to office and my folks are going to temple when I am about to have dinner..

BTW then I quickly recalculated the time & told the man the time is 6:30pm.

Seperated by time & space.....

I'm in love with Subway Veggie delite.(I have to love it).As cooking is not yet started,so c/o of

When I arrived here,it was the time for Los Angeles mayor election. Looks like elections here gets very personal as everywhere,but the interesting part was spilling the venom using the medium of TV.I saw TV ads showing why a candidate should not be voted.

BTW LA got its first Latino Mayor.This is something like a Bangladeshi immigrant
becoming Mayor of Mumbai!!

Talking of TV ads..I came across an official ad.This was from non other than from California governor Arnold himself. In the ad,Arnie in his typical english urges citizens to be more liable for tax payment..

Looks like the whole country is lost in 'American Idol'.Next week is the grand finale.I came to
know our "Indian Idol" title music is directly taken from "American Idol"

Final byte...
I saw a program(TV series) on HBO,which I think will never ever be telecasted in India.That program was xxxxxxtremely graphical.....