Thursday, July 10, 2014

7 Stages of Hell

There are 7 stages of emotions when handling a disaster

1. Anxious
2. Angry
3. Confused
4. Shocked
5. humiliated
6. Numbed
7. Buried & withdrawn

Stage 1 to 3 is where there is still hope and the fighting instincts are still kicking in.
After Stage 4, its all about the feeling of living dead.

There is a fog covering the thought process & in Stage 7. How & what in the hell happened here?

Did we not read it correctly ? Was it a trust mis-placed ?


Still searching for words and superlatives. Nearest sporting event on similar proportions was when India did similar suicide by choking in 1996 Cricket world Cup at Kolkata

How in the holy world can a team in the World Cup Semi final gets so horrendous ?
That too it was Brazil.

South American country has its own charm - the land, the people, the beauties and then there is Jogo Bonito (or rather 'was'). What a glorious generation of football magicians they had - Pele, Zico,Ronaldo..Growing up in football fields, its very easy to fall in love with the kind of football played by Brazil.

This time it was Seleçao playing in their own backyard. Oh! And then there was a star stud with innovative hair styles and even better skills on ground.What better setup than hosting & winning the world cup.

Early signs of laboring through the group & knockout stages was waived off assuming team will pick steam for the final two games. Wasn't the Seleçao playing to bury the 1950 ghosts of Maracana ?

Then things started falling in wrong places..the lone warrior Neymar went out with broken vertebra, the captain commited harakiri in most stupid reasons and they were suddenly in front of a well-oiled machinery called Germany.

Those 29 minutes in first half..that killing scoreline
These will haunt forever the team, fans in the stadium and fans watching elsewhere.

It was not about getting defeated. Winning & losing is part of every game. Least expected from such a team on this level of game is a contest - a fighting spirit. A well fought defeat doesn't induce so much pain.

Is it a case of team deflated-crushed under-expectations ? Is that team didn't have any backbone after their man with backbone was out? Or was it simply that Germany were ruthless-professional, grabbing & hobbling like a hungry man on a buffet ?

Don't know..and the analysis and explanations will run for years to come.

But the pain and stages of emotions the fans went through is beyond comprehension.

What better way to erase an bad dream then by creating a brand new disastrous nightmare..

It will take lots of time and faith to come out of this..

And to the people of Brazil...Tears 

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