Monday, June 06, 2005

The Great Canyon


The day started too early. By 4:40am we started for Grand Canyon.

It was dark yet & it was looking like light is struggling to make its way through the dark. I was feeling very sleepy, but thought will see sun rise. It was worth an effort to be awake. I saw the picture perfect sun rise. After that I fell asleep. Woke up as the bus stopped at a gas-station. Grabbed a chocolate muffin. Journey continued.

Grand Canyon, exceptionally deep, steep-walled canyon in northwestern Arizona, is created by the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon is 446 km (277 mile) long, up to 29 km (18 mile) wide, and more than 1500 m (5000 ft) deep. The entire canyon is extremely beautiful, containing towering buttes, mesas, and valleys within its main gorge.

It not only attracts tourists but also geologists & adventurers. Many adventurers tried to explore the Canyon, but in vain. Many perished in the attempt to explore the Canyon.It generated more mystery, challenge & passion about the Canyon. In 1869, after a very tough time, Major John Wesley Powell and his team successfully explored the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon.

Our first plan was to see a 45-minute movie on “Grand Canyon” in I-max theatre in the Canyon national park. It also told stories of human adventure to explore the Canyon & the success story of Powell. It was worth a movie with amazing photography of the Canyon.

Outside the theatre was a replica of the boat which Powell used to explore Colorado. One thing which was highly inspiring was the fact that Powell had a single arm and inspite of many in his team deserting him, he made his destination.

Brave men never give up…

Our bus arrived to the Great Canyon. We got down & walked to the ‘South Rim’ of Canyon. Once I reached the edge of the Canyon, I started realising the magnamity of the Canyon . It is so magnificent, so huge, so awesome…no words can describe it.

It looked to me like nature was mocking the Humans; by standing in all its magnificent form & making the so-called intelligent, creative living beings appear so insignificant before it….

We spent almost one hour in the Great Canyon. It was like seeing a tip of a huge ice burg. I think ideal ways to explore the Canyon are through trekking, sailing in Colorado or by flying in the helicopter through the Canyon.

Some day hoping to do it...

Came back to bus and our journey continued...with images of Grand Canyon repeatedly playing in the mind

Next destination was Las Vegas....

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linson said...

>>>>Brave men never give up…
Thank god Shiv neither went to take a snap nor missed his bus... Otherwise he should be in the bravery list:-)